The Pixelation of Emotions

Pixels are at the root of monitor technology, indeed the Eizo logo itself represents many things including the fact a basic image is made up of blocks of colour. Using blocks of colour to create an image isn't just part of new technology, pointillism has been a technique in painting for years and I wanted to see if I could use a similar approach in photography. Each image has been created from 2 self-portraits, cut and woven together by hand.

I want to illustrate that modern life is like pixels - we live in a very complex age and hidden within life we have conflicting emotions which we can't control.


Colour has been used to express emotions since people started drawing and painting, it has been used both as symbolism and the psychological effect on a person. We're now encouraged to be open with our emotions and not to hide them, so I wanted to strip back the image to its purest form and create a colour monochrome self-portrait to convey the message that our emotions conflict constantly and not always easy to see.

By weaving self-portraits together I create the effect that close up all we see is the random colours together, but looking closer you see the different emotions, just as in life. With pixilation or pointillist you must walk away to get the image, but I want the viewer to look closer through the pixels to find the emotions a metaphor for self-reflection. The viewer is bombarded by colour and has to look hard to find the answer, which is what we have to do in life every day.

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